I know, I know, I know… I’m a terrible parent for not keeping this page updated. (And for not taking more coordinated monthly photos of my child. But these will have to do.) Scroll down for seven months worth of catch-up!

SEVEN Months

SIX Months

FIVE Months

FOUR Months

THREE Months

TWO Months

ONE Month

ONE Week


I passed my due date by only one day! More on Cailyn’s arrival can be found here.

As of last week, she hit nine pounds. She’s gotten pretty good at smiling, at least in her sleep.


Well my due date has come and is almost gone. But not without signs that the end is near! My fingers are crossed for tonight but they’ve been crossed for “tonight” for the past week. We’ll soon see!

I imagine Facebook will receive the first online announcement but hopefully one here won’t be long to follow!


Yikes, long time no update! And here I am with less than a month to go…really, she could come any time now!

I did put an ultrasound picture on my main blog in April, so I hope that counts for something.

Here is one that was also taken in April. You can see her face down, sucking her thumb, with super-buff arms!

A couple weeks ago, I got another snapshot when they checked her position. (She is head down!) The only print-out I got from that session was of the top of her head, but it shows she has a good shaped head! If I get around to scanning it, it’ll show up here eventually…


Here is a picture, granted it’s already two months old. The little bean is nine weeks in this shot but within a few weeks we should have a new picture or two! We’re at four months, right now. :)


On top of the usual: working, eating, sleeping and occasional reading, writing, and crafting when I have time, I’ve had some excitement going on.

Sam and I recieved a wonderful post-Christmas present to ring in the new year: a positive on a pregnancy test.

We kept it quiet for quite a while as we wanted to be sure our little one was here to stay. But once we saw an ultrasound revealing a strong heart beat and a healthy growth rate, we let the news fly.

Our first child, Lord willing, will meet the world in early September. We couldn’t be more excited (or intimidated or overwhelmed or all the things that first-time parents are). We’ll be finding out in another month or so what color to paint the nursery, so to speak. In the meantime I’m trying not to jump the gun and to remember that it will all go by very quickly, despite how it feels right now.

So check back here every so often for updates!


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