Cailyn’s Whimsical Winter Wonderland

I’ve had a lot of fun making our house a “home.” But I gotta say my favorite part, and what ended up being my favorite room, was the nursery!

Here is the post where I shared my mood board for the nursery, including the bedding and artwork that I fell in love with: Project Pink.

Here are some photos showing how it all came together:

– The Spa Blue by Valspar on the one wall really brightens the whole room.
– I did use pink for the window. It was a piece of sheer fabric I found on clearance at JoAnn Fabrics. I didn’t have enough to cover the whole window but made it work (and threw in some dark blue lace trim on the top seem and a teal ribbon to pull it together.)
– The nightstand is one of the two that came with our bedroom set. I just sacrificed mine because it was the right fit for the nursery and I didn’t want to have to go find and buy something else.
– The crib was gifted/handed-down from a sweet friend.
– The lamp was one we had around the house. If you notice the pink fabric letters spelling out “girl”, that was decor on one of our baby shower gifts!
– To the right you can see a glimpse of my rocking recliner. We got it free and it required major cleaning. Even after cleaning it, I decided to cover it with a cozy blanket we had. The chair was originally dark blue but I liked the opportunity bring more red into the room.
– The pillow I got on clearance at Target.

– Here you can see more of the chair.
– The hanging plush moon we found at a thrift store.
– I got the frames as a set of four at a garage sale. I was planning to paint them white but then couldn’t turn down another opportunity to bring red into the room. The three prints are my Etsy finds that I mentioned in my previous post. Love them so much!
– The dresser was just a hand-me-down we had that ended up being the right size for her changing table cushion.
– The teal covering the changing table cushion is actually a towel. I was going to sew it into a sheet, but got lazy and just used the extra bassinet sheets we ended up with (baby pink.)
– Because there was no extra room on the dresser for all the changing supplies, I picked up the dark-blue, hanging caddy at Bed, Bath, & Beyond. It was with their dorm-room collection but has worked perfectly for us!
– The pink polka-dotted hamper was a Marshall’s find. It was so fun to find perfect little additions for the nursery as I was out-and-about pre-baby.
– As you can see, the closet doors are also Spa Blue. (The bedroom door is just to the right of this photo.)

– Here is a close-up of the comforter. (Although it doesn’t show the polar bears, which I adore! You can see those in the original post that I linked to, above.)
– The three prints on the wall and the one on the nightstand are pieces of scrapbook paper! I used cute owl & rainbow stickers and die-cut letters to spell out Cailyn’s name on the one on the nightstand.
– The photo album on the right was another clearance find at Target. It’s already full of baby photos.

– We painted the metal bookshelf red a couple years ago, but didn’t figure out where it best fit until it found it’s place in the nursery.
– The pink (plastic) and teal (metal) baskets were on the Target dollar display (actually, the $2.50 display.) I actually have three of each and the rest are on the bottom shelf (out of the photo).
– The Raggedy Ann and Andy were collector’s items that my Grandma had given to my sisters but my sisters didn’t really have a place for them, so they passed them on to us!
– The owl is a piggy bank made by JustPuff on Etsy. Such a sweet little character!
– The print is Van Gogh, of course. I spent a long time contemplating what to put in the red frame we had (painted the same time we painted the book shelf below it). I wanted something to help tie the room together, but something that Cailyn could grow with. When I saw “Blossoming Almond Tree” on sale at Michaels, I knew it was just the right thing. Not only do I think blossoming trees are the prettiest thing ever, but what a fun way to bring in some art and culture!
– Of course, our bassinet. This was a garage sale find. I paid $5 for it (minus the mattress which I would’ve bought new anyway) and a vibrating bouncy seat!
– And last, but not least, is one more print I couldn’t resist buying off of Etsy. This one was by Laportraitiste. Below you can see a close-up. I didn’t know what was more perfect for our nursery, the color scheme or the message. :)

And that ends the tour of Cailyn’s nursery!

And for the record, the title of the post, “Whimsical Winter Wonderland,” was the “catchy” title I came up with when entering her nursery into the OhDeeDo Small Kids, Big Color children’s room contest.
We didn’t make it onto the website, but I still love Cailyn’s nursery, absolutely love the colors, and wouldn’t change anything about it. :-D



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3 responses to “Cailyn’s Whimsical Winter Wonderland

  1. GreyPajamas


  2. Evie

    Don’t forget to post pictures again when Cailin starts “rearranging” everything! You have been so clever with using everything! It looks like such a happy place!

  3. Charity

    I didn’t realize until now that the book shelf painted red was the black book shelf we had here at home that you inherited when you moved out!

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