Four Faves

Life never slows down. But sometimes it speeds up; like during the past couple weeks. I started a couple blog posts but I haven’t been able to sit down and focus enough to finish them. While I continue to work on those, I’ll share recommendations for four new favorites of mine: things I’ve experienced in the past month that I want to pass on. (And I apologize for the terrible title, ha.)

1. Cha Cha’s White Chicken Chili recipe on
This was mouth-watering delicious. I cut the spices in half, omitted the jalapenos, saved the cheese to top it at the end, and threw everything else in the slow cooker (along with some frozen corn). The leftovers were just as good if not better. I almost didn’t want to share them with my husband!
Super easy, super tasty, and super flexible. It’s a great cool spring evening dinner or could totally work on top of chips at your summer BBQ. It’s definitely going to be a regular at my house!

2. Fleet Foxes: Self Titled Album
It was released in 2008. I realize I’m desperately behind the times. And I’m kicking myself for it because I’m loving this album and wish I would’ve known about it sooner. It’s composed but catchy, interesting to listen to but soothing, and all around great sunny-weather driving music. I guess it’s just as well that I didn’t get hooked sooner, because it’s taken them this long to release their next album. I’m looking forward to checking it out next month!

3. Blueberry Peach Tea Latte (hot)
If you’re lucky enough to have a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf nearby, give this drink a try! I love me a latte (probably a little too much), but possibly even more love finding a new way to spice up the latte. Sometimes I like the idea of a latte but want something lighter than espresso. That’s how I was feeling when we were out of town and dropped into a Coffee Bean. This drink hit the spot on a sunny but chilly day, as we sat outside and read. It actually reminded me of the fruit & cream instant oatmeal packets! But in a much more refined way… And it quite possibly warrants another trip out of time. Coffee Bean, you are welcome to Bakersfield anytime!

4. Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder
I had heard about this baby-feeding device that has a fine-knit mesh bag to hold solids. The point is to let baby taste/feel/chew table food through the mesh without the risk of biting off a piece and choking. I initially shrugged it off as a gimmick but within the past couple weeks as Cailyn has grown more and more interested in everything we’re eating, I’ve been wanting to let her try things but nervous about what would be safe for her. I realized this was the answer! I bought a pack of two and Cailyn has certainly enjoyed trying it out. She had to get used to the texture of the mesh bag but it’s been so fun to watch her finally be able to – safely – fulfill her curiosity of all these exciting new foods!


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  1. Carrie L

    Okay, thanks a lot for the blueberry peach tea latte comment… what am I supposed to do about that?? :-) How do you think they made it? I would looove to try! Oh and those mesh food things… LOVED them! So nice with everything from bananas, to cooked carrots, teething cookies… oh and if she likes cold on her gums when she’s teething, putting a frozen banana in it or popcicle might be a good option :-) Love you little sis- I’m following you now :-D

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