Parenting and The Love of God

Some of the sweetest moments being a mother are when Cailyn looks at me with utter adoration in here eyes.

She is currently in a very curious stage and loves looking around and checking everything out. She’ll often have a very concentrated and serious look on her face as she tries to take everything in. But she’s also easily amused and will grin and giggle away especially when she sees faces or people making funny faces at her. (Who knew the extent of goofiness a baby could draw out of you!)

But there are times, often when she’s calming down as she gets sleepy or when  I go in to pick her up right after a nap, when she’s fully contented just to stare into my eyes. Her eyes get especially big and are full of nothing short of adoration. It just makes me melt. Anything and everything else just washes away and I know I’m utterly wrapped around her finger.

It got me thinking about the love children have for their parents. They love with everything they are because they don’t know anything else. Their parents are everything to them and their is no question in the child’s mind about whether or not to love them. The adoration and esteem come so sincerely and abundantly.

It is such a sweet and beautiful thing. Although I know (sadly) it can be abused, in a healthy relationship it is truly a blessing and a gift for both the child and the parent.

Which lead me to consider the Christian’s place as a child of God.
And how God gave children that sincerity to love and adore and esteem.
And how God Himself is a Father and – unlike all other parents who will fall short at some point – is truly is worth the utmost love and esteem from His children.

That sweet adoration should be the norm for us towards our eternally kind heavenly Father. Yet how often is it anything but that?
If anyone is deserving, it is Him. I mean, He was the one who designed the parent-child relationship, to begin with. And yet He is the one who so often gets the short end of that deal from us, His own children.

I could go on, I’m sure. But I really just wanted to share my little moment of revelation; my little reminder of how sweet our God is to us even when we are so negligent and disregarding of Him; and my little moment of conviction to return to Him the sincere love and esteem He is worth.


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