Felt Flowers

Yesterday I realized it had been way too long since I touched a sewing project so I planned to spend the evening making an Easter dress for Cailyn while Sam was at work.

That never happened.
My sewing machine decided it would not work but rather tangle all my thread repeatedly.
So I spent two hours taking my machine apart and putting it back together, cleaning and oiling it all in the process, just to get it up and running right as Sam arrived home. Boo.

By then it was too late to try and start a dress. But wanting to have something to show for the evening, I picked up my basket of felt, jar of buttons, scissors, needle, and some thread and started piecing together these while we watched a movie:

If I had any idea how incredibly easy and addiciting these would be to make, I would’ve started them a long time ago! I finished half of these last night and the rest today and plan to restock my felt and button collections to make more, as soon as possible.

These three are my favorite:

The pink and orange one matches the fabric I have for Cailyn’s Easter dress (which was my original inspiration for making flowers.)

I’m gonna have Cailyn wear one tomorrow and will have to get an action shot then!

Now to figure out what to do with all of them…
I planned to glue clips to them so I could attach them to Cailyn’s head bands. But I might try out some other options since I have so many to work with. Velcro? Brooch pins?

I like the idea of having them be  interchangeable depending on how I want to use them at any given moment — on different styles of headbands, on a hat, pinned to a shirt, etc. Makes me wish I was more of a hair bow/headband/brooch kinda girl, myself!

Either way, I need to make more head bands  for Cailyn now.
Anyone have a favorite baby headband tutorial to recommend?



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4 responses to “Felt Flowers

  1. Evie

    I have seen these put onto belts and scarves. Do you ever look at “Stitches” or “Art Quilts” magazines? You fit right in with these people. I am making up things to sell at our local quilt show store in August. Wanna come? These would look great on bags too! fun to see all that you share! We could really get in trouble together if you lived closer!

  2. booksdontgrowontrees

    Those are some great ideas, Evie! And Stitches is one of the first magazines I grab whenever we go to the bookstore. One of these days we’ll need to get together for a sewing day!

  3. Felt is sooo addicting! My fave is the pink and yellow one with the green leaf and the creamy vintage-looking button.

  4. Cute flowers! Thanks for sharing the ideas.

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