A Practical Resolution

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update, especially anything crafty. So I figured I would stop by and at least confirm that I am still alive.

Life has been a little hectic. Just when I thought I was getting the hang of having a baby and was managing to keep the home in running order 90% of the time, I started back at work part time. That pretty much shot my routine. Even though it’s only four hours a day, I come home with little energy or motivation to do much around the house. It hasn’t helped that Cailyn started waking up in the middle of the night again. It’s been almost a month since she’s slept through the night consistently and it’s left me a little shot. She seems soooo close to getting back on track though!

Christmas came and went. We had a good time. I finished less than half of the handmade gifts I had intended. Guess that means I have another year to finish the rest! (The sad thing is, a few of the gifts I had started for the previous Christmas, whoops!) I also missed the deadline for finishing Cailyn’s stocking. So that’s one more project left to complete.

But even without a stocking, it was especially fun celebrating Cailyn’s first Christmas. She slept through a lot of it, but definitely enjoyed being passed around among family all day.
Wish this picture wasn’t blurry as it’s the only one we got of the three of us.

Sam surprised me by getting us a new couch that we were supposed to be “saving up for.” As much as I loved our first couch, it finally got to the point where it would leave us with stiff, achy backs after sitting on it for any period of time. And a nice bonus: the new couch matches perfectly with the throw pillows my sister gave us for Christmas, before even knowing we were getting the couch!

Speaking of new, I’ve come to a “New Year’s” Resolution of sorts: If I accomplish no other crafts this year, I’m going to get my “craft room” (or “corner of the room”) in working order.
I never fully moved into it and the boxes and piles and clutter grow with every project I try to start, making those projects less and less likely to ever be completed. My goal is to turn it into an organized, efficient, and enjoyable workplace – somewhere that I want to go instead of somewhere I avoid because I don’t want to face the mess.

With all the motivation I have right now, I’d like to say I could get it tackled within a month or even a week, but I’m not about to get my hopes up.

Rather, I’m going to go pour myself a glass of iced tea, take a few deep breaths, and use the rest of Cailyn’s naptime to get started on that…
Mini goal for the day: turn my book shelf into a “book” shelf again, not a frame to support all my leftover craft materials.


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  1. Evie

    I use some stackable baskets to house my projects that are out in “public” spaces. (yes, I have overflowed my sewing room!) I have used many a corner space for crafting in the past and wish I had some of the ideas and things available now. Friend of mine has a sewing armoir that closes up out of sight and looks nice in her living room when she has company etc. You always has such creative ideas . I also continue working on past Christmas gifts and decor. Sometimes we even play Christmas music to work by.

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