Resolved: (to learn resolve)

Resolved: (to learn resolve)

As often as I know resolutions fail,
I make them.
So I make them smaller
hoping it’s not just so
my fall will be shorter:
“ten minutes a day”
“two times a week”
“think, read, pray.”
Or maybe the other way
Jonathan Edwards
Mortimer Adler
Lists, lists, lists:
to misplace, to forget,
to elatedly cross off.
All at once now,
reprioritize now.

Scheduling life is not living life
but it must be done:
day planners as training wheels;
rehearse enough and you can lose the script.
Analogies, they make life clearer
and separate it further from reality:
easier to idealize,
to disconnect,
to leave on lists.
And bring me back where I started:
And the everyday path:
the minute, hour, second;
the dull, monotonous, humdrum;
the will, the weight, the work;
To reach them. Resolve.


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