Picture Book Halloween

I over think things.
I spent the last couple weeks trying to think up the perfect costume for Cailyn.
Then I ask Sam if he has any ideas and he answers promptly “a caterpillar.” Just like that!
I wasn’t entirely sold at first. But I agreed – and a caterpillar, it was! Initially I agreed because I’ve been trying to practice giving positive responses to my husband to show respect and secondarily because I realized just how adorable an Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar costume could be!

I started working on her costume without giving much thought to costume ideas for us grownups. That is, until Sam determined what our family costume theme would be (I’m a sucker for themes) when he emailed me this link to a Where the Wild Things Are hat pattern with nothing else but the subject line “Please?” – the afternoon before his costume day at work.

So once again he won me over with his idea and I spent that night making him a Max from Where the Wild Things Are costume.
Which, I have to say, made me feel a little cheated at first. Because I am the one who liked the movie and he gave me the impression he was indifferent to it. But I let him keep the costume idea for himself because it IS a great costume idea and I DID enjoy the movie so much.

I briefly considered what Where The Wild Things Are character I could dress as until I realized I didn’t want Cailyn to be left out and was already too far along on her costume to scrap it (not to mention how complicated any other Wild Things costume would be.)

So once again Sam stepped in with the answer: children’s books. Of course! We would all dress up as a character from a different children’s book. It would be an obvious theme without being overdone. So I began racking my brain for what my own costume could be before giving in to my draw to one of my favorite books from the Dr. Seuss collection: Are You My Mother. And what would be more fitting for me than dressing as the mother bird!

So here we all are at our church’s annual hoe-down (complete with square dancing and a donut eating contest).

As you can see, she really was a VERY hungry caterpillar.

I told Sam that this should start a tradition of literary costumes for Cailyn each year. So now I have a whole year to figure out the perfect storybook costume for next year. Maybe by then she’ll start to develop a preference!

As for this year’s costumes: more pictures and details to come in following posts!



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4 responses to “Picture Book Halloween

  1. Gillian

    I loved your theme! Can’t wait for next years costumes! :) Cailyn was the cutest caterpillar I have ever seen! :)

  2. Charity

    You ought to go check out the discounted Halloween sales going on now…maybe you’d find something you can use. I saw a picture on FB of someone who had gotten this year’s costume for their child at last year’s after Halloween sales for only $2!

    Love, Mom

  3. How adorable! You have fantastic ideas and know how to put them into action–wonderful!

  4. booksdontgrowontrees

    Thanks all! It was fun. I just posted more details on how I made it, if anyone is interested.
    Mom, that’s a good idea! I’m hoping by then she’ll have a little more of a personality and/or preference for us to base next year’s costume on!

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