Cailyn’s First Homemade Fashion

I finally made it to the Beverly’s Fabric & Craft downtown and found this fat quarter that just shouted little girl’s dress. It wasn’t quite big enough for a dress but it WAS just right size for a skirt and a matching headband flower (with a few scraps still leftover)! So that became my project Friday night.

It was a very simple project to tackle. I just used a piece of elastic in the waistband and some brown bias tape I had on hand to  fancy up the hem.

Since I’m a little hesitant on how to measure for an infant, I followed the estimates provided by this adorable Pom Pom Skirt tutorial guest posted on the At Second Street blog by kojodesigns.
I cut my fabric seven inches tall instead of six and still the 30 inches wide, as I wanted to leave plenty of growing room. My elastic was 16 inches long (15 once sewn together) and it fit her waist without being snug (what can I say, I have a little chunker.)

Making the skirt was also the perfect opportunity to make a matching head band! I had been wanting to make some head bands as the store bought ones we have are already getting tight and leave marks. And let’s face it, they just aren’t as cute as homemade ones can be!

I followed this soft baby headband tutorial by Little Birdie Secrets that I had seen on Ucreate. It refashions tights into a headband! The only change I made was using part of the waist band for the loop to cover the seam, instead of using part of the tight-leg, as I used small tights and ran out of leg!
I was so stoked to find that tutorial though. It’s such an excellent idea and I love how soft and sweet and versatile the headbands are!

With the headband finished, the next step was making my first flower to adorn it. I decided a fabric rose would be the easiest way for me to go. I searched Google and found this tutorial by DuhBe. It was indeed very easy! Mine turned out a little sloppy as a result of trying to finish it quickly because a little miss was getting hungry, but it was still cute.

The last step was to glue the fabric rose to a metal hair clip, so I could attach it to the head band and yet have it remain removable. All went well until this point.

You see, I didn’t entirely think through the clip having an opening which glue would seep through and hence glue the clip shut.

(Notice the sloppy glue job… that foretells the disaster that happens next.)

And I had forgotten how hot a HOT glue gun gets.
So when I squeezed glue on the clip just to realize that it was indeed going to glue said clip shut, my first instinct was to wipe the glue off as quickly as possible.
With my bare thumb.
And as soon as that hot glob of glue stuck to my thumb, my next response was to get it off my thumb as quickly as possible.
With my other hand.
Yes, that was not smart. It hurt. A lot. A large blister formed on my thumb instantly and a smaller one on the finger that tried to save my thumb.

It left me wondering how hot glue guns ever passed the safety standards to be produced and sold in stores.
(Although I am very glad they did. It is such an indispensable tool!)
(Oh, and the blister is still there but the pain is gone, thankfully. Although it did give me a good excuse that night for not being able to steer with the PS3 remote!)

All in all, even with my hot glue incident, the skirt, headband, and flower combined took less than three hours to complete, and that included a few interruptions from Miss Cailyn.

Speaking of Cailyn- here she is sporting the new outfit at a wedding we attended the next day.

Love her!
And this headband definitely has a little growing room as it slid down over her eyes several times. Which I have to admit was hilariously cute.



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3 responses to “Cailyn’s First Homemade Fashion

  1. hannah

    She is way too adorable in that outfit. Good job, Sarah, you’re a great mom :)

  2. Evie

    Darling! Good job! I have a flirty skirt pattern to send you too that is fun to make. I was waiting because the smallest size instructions were for size 2. But knowing your skill you could probably make it smaller.
    I agree, handmade items are much cuter than store bought lots of love in every stitch!

  3. GreyPajamas

    I totally agree about the store bought head bands… The one you made is 1000x cuter! Love this outfit!

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