Windows of the World (Market)

Last week I posted a picture of my sconce, which conveniently showed off the new curtains in my dining room.

I promised their story, so here it is!

A couple months ago, I walked into World Market – a store impossible for me to visit without my wish list growing extensively – and I spotted a Roman Shade that made me drool. It was the most delightful pattern, color scheme, everything. I wanted it. Then and there. It was both fun and beautiful. It had just enough matching-ness to look like it belonged in my empty dining-room window while having enough “pop” to be fresh and eye-catching every time I walked into the room.

Problem was, I didn’t have the $40 to fork over for just one shade and it was going to take two to cover the window (and two would actually be too wide.)

To my great excitement, I saw they had curtain panels with the same print! Which not only were cheaper ($25 on sale) but much more workable for my window. But my excitement was short-lived as apparently everyone else noticed them and there were none left on the shelf.
So I went home, figuring I could check if they were sold online and also figuring it was for the best as I had left my $10 coupon at home. I could always come back for the curtains if I my lust-at-first-sight turned out to be undenouncable love.

Within two weeks I was back at World Market, clutching my $10 coupon as I headed straight for the window treatment section. Discovering my dream curtains were still not on the shelf where they belonged, I found a clerk as quickly as I could. The clerk responded by pulling out a pair of box cutters and ripping into a large box sitting near the curtain display where, to my great relief, he pulled out my curtain!

And yes, I said curtain, as in singular. I bought only one!
A final determining factor in buying them was the affordability. Even the price of two curtains (versus two Roman Shades) was a little high for me. So it didn’t take me long to figure out that I didn’t need floor length curtains and that my window wasn’t very tall to begin with. The curtain was long enough (84 inches) that I could cut it in half, and have two pieces that would generously cover the width of the window while still covering the height.

So I took it home and after a lot of ironing, measuring, and precision folding, I carefully cut the curtain in two.

From there, it was a very easy sewing job as the bottom seam of the curtain was the same size as the rod-opening (proper term?) on top. All I needed to do was seam-rip the sides of the bottom seam so that a rod could go through it. Then I was left with two unfinished bottom edges.

My plan was just to hem those edges, as the curtains fell a few inches below the window. But in order to give it a decent looking hem, I felt like I would be cutting it too close and making the curtains look too short.

It was then that Sam pointed out that the green in my new curtain was the exact shade of the green as the curtains we made a couple years ago (that I would’ve loved to re-use in this home except that the solid green felt a little too bold to go with the solid dark red already in the house.)

Even better, was that we had an extra, unfinished panel of the green fabric that we hadn’t ended up needing.

I dug it out (thankfully was able to find it!) and within minutes was cutting into it. I cut strips 14 inches tall and as wide as the panels. I then folded the strips in half, width-wise, and sewed the open end of the folded strips to the unfinished end of the curtain. I didn’t have to worry about finishing a seam super nicely on front or even making sure it looked presentable on the back, as the seam fell below the window and would probably never be seen!

Sam installed the curtain rod for me and by the end of the evening my curtains were hung!

If I would’ve known then that I planned to be active on my blog, I would’ve taken pictures along the way. But honestly, the project was such a simple one I don’t think pictures would’ve shown much more than I could’ve told!

As an added benefit of having gorgeous new curtains, I finally had a starting point for decorating the shelf above the window! It had been empty since we moved in a few months before, but now the color scheme of the curtains drew me to a few things I already had around the house that would fit up there (the green vase, the orange candle, an small oriental tray, etc.) I searched around the house to find a few more things (the purple vase, a gold picture frame, another candle, etc.) and then hit up the Dollar Tree for a few additional knick knacks to fill some empty spots.

Eventually I’ll have to take a better picture of what’s up there. It still somewhat feels like a work in progress, but for now I’m happy to have some additional color and detail up there. Between that and the curtains (not to mention the new candles in my sconce), I’m very pleased with the dining room!
Now to actually eat in there more, and less on the couch… hehe..


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  1. Gigi

    If you are interested, I have 4 of these panels I am selling. You can contact me at

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