Start at One(sies)

I ended my last post with “before” pictures of the FIRST project I was planned to tackle since having a baby (and even longer before then…)

So without further ado, here’s the story!

Originally I had cringed at having our daughter infused with the typical girly pinkness, but had since softened when it came to clothes, as I want it to be clear she’s a girl. And, really, she wears pink well.

But I finally had to draw the line with the kitschiness. It was just a little too much for me to stand, especially the “Pretty” top. No offense to anyone who may think it is cute, but my child (no matter the age) doesn’t need to wear clothes that proclaim self-esteem (or lack there-of?)

That rant aside, the onesies made perfect canvases for craftiness and for clothing that’s a little more my style…

I bought the quilt squares (precut) in a set, for another project I have in mind for Cailyn’s nursery. So I figured I would use a few of the extra squares in her wardrobe.

I had planned to sew the fabric to the onesies but hadn’t thought about how small onesies are and how difficult they would be to maneuver under my sewing machine — which doesn’t downsize nicely to accommodate things like sleeves.

So after one failed attempt (that’s all it took), I turned to the fabric adhesive tape I had on hand. That lasted all of one try, too, since I cut the squares down into small, rounded shapes that were going to require way too much intricate trimming to get the tape to fit to the fabric.

So I took the easy way out and used the Liquid Stitch I had leftover from hemming my wedding dress (yes, I used Liquid Stitch to hem my wedding dress.) Before I did that, though, I used a generous amount of fray check around all the fabric edges.

And the end result is probably fairly predictable… but I’m quite happy about it!

(Had to decorate the butt of at least one!)

And so, after several interruptions from a fussy little girl who didn’t want to fall asleep, and after getting my fingers and workspace good and sticky, I pulled off my first project! Which actually consisted of FOUR pieces of clothing! (I just like how accomplished that sounds, regardless of how little work it actually was.)

Oh, and the fourth… after using the quilt pieces to decorate three of the four onesies I had to spice up, I decided to try something different for the fourth.  I had some great yellow fabric with big leaf designs that I was excited to use with one of the pink tops, but the shade of yellow just wasn’t working with this shade of pink (but don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll see the yellow fabric put to use soon as I just love it.)

Then when looking through my fabric scraps again, I found this super fun fish fabric that I’ve used cut-outs from before. And just my luck, there was ONE full fish left! And although I was a little hesitant about whether a neon fish would be appropriate for a baby girl, it just looked so sharp I couldn’t resist.

So there you have it! I can’t wait for her to wear them all.
Although, before too long I should probably borrow a sewing machine that has a sleeve attachment/detachment thing (I’m totally blanking on the right terms for things tonight), so I can stitch these on to give them a little more durability and quality. Not like she’ll wear them for more than a couple months though… boo… probably the biggest downside to making clothes for babies, they outgrow them so quickly! But totally worth it in the meantime, right?!



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4 responses to “Start at One(sies)

  1. How wonderfully adorable – and such a wonderful idea! LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing and have a marvelous day.

  2. Charity

    So darling! Glad to see you get to be creative again….one of these days I will do the same….I’ve got the bib I need to x-stitch for Cailyn, plus I have a quilt idea in mind, but I want it to be a surprise to you, too! Then there’s always the photos and scrapbooking I still need to do from the time you kids were little… one of these days….

  3. Evie

    Now you’re talking! There are lots of good products out now for what you are doing! “One is Lite Steam A Seam” and JoAnn’s carries it as well as Quilt Shops. I use it for machine applique and also putting embellishments like you did onto ready made garments.

    I love seeing how you did it! Creative!

  4. LOVE the onesie makeover! Awesome idea :) and they can be found at consignment/garage sales at such a bargain!

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