Project Pink

Since my last post was so wordy, this one will be moreso pictures.

For all of those who so faithfully follow my blog (just kidding) you may have noticed a new tab at the top of the page, called “Growing” where I announced that Sam and I are expecting(!!!).

Well, since we found out we’re having a GIRL, I now have a new project to start on immediately – designing a nursery!

And I gotta admit, although I had thought of a lot of pros of having a boy designing a cute nursery is turning out especially fun with a girl in mind.

So first of all, meet our daughter:

This was last week, at 18 weeks.
And no, we don’t have a name picked out yet. And even when we do we are reserving the right to not announce it until her birth. :P

But.. I will share what we’re planning her room to look like!
This is the bedding set I finally decided on (Arctic Baby by Cotton Tales):

Although I definitely liked this set a lot more than others I had found, I was borderline on it for a while because (1) It had so many blues it looked distinctly boy and I wanted a bedding set we could use for either a girl or a future boy and (2) I have never been a huge fan of arctic animals or of the cold, and I really wanted to incorporate owls into the theme, which had me leaning more towards the woodland/foresty themes.

BUT then I realized that SNOW OWLS live in the arctic, duh.  So I could still totally naturally incorporate owls.

And while exploring Etsy, I found this adorable print by Midwest Mountain Art:

Which was just what I needed to tie everything together and realize I could most definitely bring in just enough pink enough to make it girly.

I also found these prints that I promptly fell in love with:

By Creative Thursday and Blue Dog Rose, respectively.
I have ordered all three of them and can’t wait to see how they look together (and with the bedding set)!

With those, and additional splatterings of pink thrown in here or there (maybe window treatments?), I am confident it will be sufficiently pink to be obviously a girl’s room and yet easily transitionable into a boy room (and I’m already thinking of how much fun it could be to mix in an “explorer” theme.)

And this is the mood board I put together based on it all:

The walls are already gray, so I’m happy that the color scheme we pick works well with that and won’t require repainting. I do want to paint one of the rooms a bright blue though. I also want to order the tree wall decalls for an added touch.

Now it’s just a matter of refraining from going out and buying everything cute I see.
Or buying out Etsy…


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