Weather and What Color Means

Aha! Such glee! I found the post again – it wasn’t deleted after all. I believe my fondness for Blogger just grew quite significantly.

Anyway, here is what I wrote before being reminded of Emily Dickinson (I can’t believe I almost forgot that poem – or to include it in my collection of “inspirations”):

It’s nice to see clouds again. Big, billowing, shapely clouds. Clouds with substance.

It rained last night, leaving that fresh, earthy smell this morning. And a little bit of a chill set in. (And the clouds didn’t rush away either, hurrah!)

Which is a nice change from yesterday. Yesterday it was bordering between cloudy and overcast. There was wind. Real wind (not just a breeze.) And leaves flying everywhere, along with my hair. Looking out the window in the morning I got excited that winter was finally here. But, it wasn’t cold. It was warmer than it had been all week. And the air wasn’t that fresh overcast air – it was dusty and dirty and.. gross.

All of the wind though resulted in a strange sight. Yesterday driving home from work I saw leaves scattered across lawns (yes, we actually have a little bit of lawn in this apartment complex – a delightful change) and leaves piled in the gutter.
There was something slightly surreal about the sight though. And it took me a minute to realize what it was. The leaves on the ground were green.

Earlier this week we were starting to build a nice thin layer of nearly-crunchy yellow leaves on our sidewalks. The trees were still mostly green, but those leaves that were turning yellow had begun to fall. When the wind stirred up though, it blew all our yellow ground leaves away. And it didn’t stop there. It shook the trees and the branchs and it didn’t wait for the leaves to turn yellow before pulling them down. So instead of your typical (even southern California) autumn scene, while there were piles of leaves, they were all a bright, robust green – sprinkled here and there with that delightful early-autumn yellow.


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