A Vocabulary Lesson

The Collins English Dictionary is attempting to bring an olid malison upon our language by discarding 24 words to make room for new entries. Their caducity is apparently to blame for this abstergent action. But the caliginosity of this action would be niddering. Should we sit by and watch them exuviate these components of our language in the name of an abstergent effect on our dictionaries? Are these words not compossible? Even worse – is this fatidical of the direction our society is headed? We must recrement the disposal of these roborant members of our dictionary! Even to the extent of vilipending those who would vaticinate this endeavor of embrangling our future learners.

I don’t know if that made the point I intended, or even what the point was that I was intending..
But it’s true! To find out more about it read this: www.libgig.com/endangered
I found it intriguing.


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