Weeping over chalk dust, so someone said…

I don’t know where this sudden blogging impulse has come from lately, but it’s kinda nice.

How long do you keep on maintaining a part of your past before you realize it’s time to let even the nostalgia of it go?
That’s an ambiguous question that is actually cloaking a very specific thought on my mind.

Let me first explain that I am quite the fan of favorites/bookmarks. I have well over a thousand that have built up over the past years (I would have more except I lost over a year’s worth when my hard drive crashed.)
I was looking for a certain one under the category (yes, with that many I try to keep them relatively organized) of “homepages”, which to be accurate consists of a lot of blogs, photo sites, and deviantart pages. Out of curiosity, and my own nostalgia, I began at the top of the list and started clicking on them. The first 15 were dead links. There were two links that still worked out of 25 and that was only half of my collection.
What happened that these people decided to abandon their websites for so long that they got sucked into the black hole of no longer existing sites?
It’s sad to think about..

Not altogether incomprehensible or unrelatable, but sad..

Maybe I am over sentimental, atleast right now…but can anyone sympathize with this great loss?? At least with journals or photo albums or what have you, the record isn’t completely erased when you forget to update it for long enough. There are so many recorded memories that are now no longer recorded. So many traces of relationships erased. So many minds and hearts and creative intuitions now without proof of their homely beginnings…

Oh humanity, Oh internet!


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